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This year my birthday present is 5.5 inch iPhone 6 sent from my boyfriend.

I really love my 5.5 inch iPhone 6, but it’s a little big, I can’t put it to my jeans pocket.

Sometime, I just want to take home keys and my iPhone 6 to go outside, I need a small bag to put all these things inside.
This situation bother me for a while, so I designed fabric mobile phone bag for myself.

When I start using my own mobile phone bag, my sisters and friends asked me “where are you bought it?”
I guess the situation isn’t only bother me, maybe these fabric mobile phone bags could bring better experience to the people just like me.

So my first own brand – CITY CANDii was born.

The first product is “5.5 inch Mobile Phone Bag“, I choose Japanese print fabric and micro suede to make these mobile phone bags, all bags including hand strap and shoulder strap, I hope these mobile phone bags colorful and useful.
Every color are limited, if you need a colorful and useful bag for your “BIG" mobile phone, try my bags! ^^



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